Al Roker Makes Unfortunate Comment on 'Today'

August 16, 2012 By:
Al Roker Makes Unfortunate Comment on 'Today'

Everyone knows what happened to poor Ann Curry a few weeks ago--she was unceremoniously removed from her position as host of NBC's "Today" and essentially given four minutes to bid farewell to her viewers after 15 years of working on the show.

Most recently, Curry was shuttled to London for a quick, extremely tense reunion with ex-co-host Matt Lauer during the Olympics, but has otherwise not been discussed. Rumors have it that the reason she was reassigned was the NBC execs didn't approve of her bright wardrobe, her audacity to actually age and her refusal to dye her graying hair (Matt Lauer, who is balding and graying himself, is still around, and is only a year younger than Curry, who's 55), and so replaced her with a younger host, Savannah Guthrie.

So when Al Roker made a comment about throwing people under the bus this morning on Today, and Matt Lauer responded by loudly trying to cover the moment with "MR. ROKER. Mr. Roker," it's pretty certain that he was talking about Ann and Matt's feud. After Matt finished interviewing a member of the US Olympic rowing team, who affirmed that the team had a tradition of throwing a teammate in to the water after a win, Lauer made a pretty stupid and nonsensical joke about how "The tradition here in New York is that you throw her in the Hudson River." For the record, it isn't: it would take way too long for anyone in the boroughs to get over to the Hudson in traffic. Not funny, Lauer.

Al seemed to consider his statement for a moment before saying "Which is different than our tradition, which is to throw one of us under the bus. But that's another story."

Everyone laughed quite uncomfortably, and Guthrie let out a very awkward "Ya!" with a vigorous nod before regaining control of herself. Better watch out, Savannah, if the boy's club is to be believed: in about 15 years, when she's 55, she'll be outdated enough for NBC to throw her under the bus, too.