Dubai Royalty Upset Akon

November 20, 2008 By:
Dubai Royalty Upset Akon

For the right price, rapper Akon will fly anywhere to perform for your special occasion. He'll do it, but he doesn't have to like it. Princess Sheikha Hessa of Dubai flew him out to sing at her big birthday gala last week, but he wasn't alone.

Among others, the princess also flew in former "America's Got Talent" stars Nuttin' But Stringz. When the birthday girl heard NBS warming up, "she gave them Akon's place in the lineup, making them the lead act," said a source for Page Six.

How did Akon react to the news that he was no longer the lead? He was pouting the rest of the night and wouldn't talk to anyone," the source added. His rep said: "He performed for an hour and there was no pouting."

Forget the attitude, we're wondering how much cold hard cash it took to even get him out there in the first place.