Adrienne Maloof Keeps Cash Flowing Post Split

August 9, 2012 By:
Adrienne Maloof Keeps Cash Flowing Post Split

Adrienne Maloof and husband of 10 years Dr. Paul Nassif announced their legal separation last week but that doesn’t mean Maloof will stop doing what she does best…being a superb business woman.

Talking to Hollyscoop at the L.A. launch of her newest business endeavor the OMG iPhone case at Kitson, the reality star/mogul told us whether or not her marital woes will be featured on the next season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“I think…you’ll have to wait and see,” says Maloof, “I can’t really speak too much about what’s coming up.”

So she won’t divulge her personal life, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing with her business endeavors. She has teamed up to create a new LED light-up iPhone case called OMG cases which has generated a ton of interest from some of music hot-shots like DJ Deadmaus, Tiesto and even Prince of Pop Justin Bieber.

Aside from the iPhone cases she’s working on her fashion line, shoe line and even a collection of flavored light up vodkas?

“I am coming out with my own shoe line at the end of September,” says Adrienne, “I’m also coming out with my handbag line in the Spring and my apparel line which is created by the same designer that does the Kardashian line.”

Adrienne is poised to become the next great reality star turned fashion designer – but if she could collaborate on a fashion line with any celebrity, she’d choose…

“Well, Nicole Richie’s pretty awesome so I think she’s got a cool factor, so probably her…”

As for those light up vodkas?

“My family is coming out with a new vodka line called Zing with LED lights, so it lights up at the bottom. They are all flavored vodkas like red velvet cake.”

Fashion and vodka? Sounds good to us!