Adrienne Maloof Dating Rod Stewart Son For Press

January 22, 2013 By:
Adrienne Maloof Dating Rod Stewart Son For Press
Image By: Splash News

Yesterday, it was reported that Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof is dating Rod Stewart’s son Sean Stewart, who is 20 years her junior.

My first reaction was, “what a bizarre pairing,” well turns out it’s all for publicity.

Rod Stewart’s son Sean apparently tipped off the paparazzi to come to the restaurant they were at so they would look like they were caught on a date, because he’s trying to make a name for himself as a reality TV star.

“Sean Stewart loves fame and calls reporters and photographers because he has been trying to get a show picked up called Hamiltons and Stewarts, which would be following the famous families," a source close to Adrienne told Hollyscoop.

Apparently both Adrienne and Sean need the press, especially Sean who’s trying to pitch his own reality series. The show would follow his family and George Hamilton's offspring AKA The Hamiltons.

The source also adds that if he's dating Adrienne for her money it's a waste of time, because Sean has an insane inheritance from his dad and money will never be a problem for him. 

However, a separate source told Us Weekly that the two are, “definitely dating,” but Sean is still dating another, “much younger woman.”

Oh Hollywood, when the weird drama turns out to be fake drama and the fake drama is just as weird.