Adrianne Curry's Exclusive Interview with Hollyscoop

December 7, 2006 By:
Adrianne Curry's Exclusive Interview with Hollyscoop

This morning we got the opportunity to chat with Reality TV show star Adrianne Curry about her recent breast augmentation. Adrianne, who is going to be on her third installment of VH1's "My Fair Brady," recently underwent plastic surgery and shared her experience with us.

This was no regular breast implant, one of Adrianne’s breasts have always been larger than the other and she thought it was time to finally fix it. Her left breast was over an inch wider than the right and 20% bigger. Adrianne revealed to us that she became obsessed with the issue this past year especially “since [she] turned 24 and gravity started taking a toll on [her] breasts”. Her breasts started to sag and Adrianne became "overcompensated with false confidence".

Adrianne consulted with Dr. Frank Ryan who has worked on other celebrity clients such as Janice Dickinson and Russell Simmons and a surgery was soon scheduled. While chatting with Dr. Ryan at his medical office in Beverly Hills, he revealed that Adrianne’s issue was not common and had to reconstruct her breasts. Dr. Ryan said that he had to put implants on both breasts to make it even and informed us that the FDA approved the silicone three days after Adrianne’s surgery.

Adrianne is fully recovered but is still in pain. She revealed to us that it’s not an easy surgery. When Adrianne first got her surgery her initial reaction was"This is the worst mistake I have ever made in my life". Adrianne wanted to make her story public to bring attention to the situation for all other women who have the same problem.

Although she recommends the surgery, she says that if you have the same problem you should really research because it is a serious surgery and could be dangerous. "There are risks, some peoples bodies reject the implants and it could be very dangerous. You need to educate yourself, you can die from the surgery, you put your life in your doctors hands".

Overall we are happy to report Adrianne is doing well and her husband Christopher Knight cant wait until his wife heals completely. To get more information about Adrianne's plastic surgery story get the latest US Weekly or check out Entertainment Tonight and Extra tonight.