Nothing Else Matters Because ADELE HAS A NEW ALBUM

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Nothing Else Matters Because ADELE HAS A NEW ALBUM
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F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. After a few years of laying low and leading a rather private existence with her husband and newborn son, Adele recently announced she’ll be back on the scene with a new album.


Cue screaming.


As the world tips off its axis with the joyous news.





Following the theme of her previous albums, the newest installation will be titled 25the age she started working on it.


Correction: “Her previous PERFECT albums.”

It’s set for a 2015 release.


Fans on Twitter are having the expected meltdown. They also have personal demands of their queen (as all stans do).


They basically demand 24/7 audible heart-wrenching sadness.



They’ve even gone as far as to suggest another queen step off!



Yes, they’re going there!

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As if things couldn’t get ANY BETTER, did we mention there’ll also be a world tour?!


Though it should really be a tour of the universe considering she’s the queen of it.


Anyway, can it be 2015 already? We wanna have our hearts ripped out!