New Mom Adele Steps Out for First Time With Baby

October 31, 2012 By:
New Mom Adele Steps Out for First Time With Baby

Look! It’s Adele, her boyfriend Simon Konecki and her new week-old baby!

If you notice underneath Adele’s giant black sweatshirt, she’s got a baby bjorn peeking out the top of her shirt so we’re pretty sure that her newborn hiding in there!

This is the first time Adele has been spotted outside since giving birth. She’s not wearing any make-up and her hair is pulled up into a high pony-tail.

It’s so weird to see Adele without a beehive or bouffant hair or her signature eyeliner.

That being said, she looks great for a new mom of only one week.

While Adele is holding the baby, her boyfriend is carrying their dog. Don’t know why the dog can’t walk on it’s own?

We also still don’t know the name of Adele’s child, but it is a boy.

Hopefully this all-black look won’t last for too long. We want Adele to get back to looking fabulous as per usual

“The pregnancy has had a big impact on her songwriting!” a source told Us Weekly.

Good, finally an album that won’t leave me crying into a carton of Ben & Jerry’s.