Adele's New Tattoo Explained

February 12, 2013 By:
Adele's New Tattoo Explained
Image By: Splash News

You were probably so distracted by the fact that Adele wasn't wearing a black dress for once at the Grammys last night, you most likely missed the singer's brand new tattoo.

Well, we're here to draw attention to her brand new ink because besides Kelly Rowland's sheer cut-out dress, it was possibly the most revealing thing on the red carpet yesterday.

Now, the tattoo of note is the letter "A" in simple cursive hidden ever so discreetly behind Adele's ear as if we wouldn't see it with her hair up like that, and it speaks volumes.

Our first thought was this could be a tribute to her baby boy because when she was spotted in LA last month sporting a gold "Angelo" nameplate it spurred speculation that her still unnamed son isn't just being called "Adele's baby" by Adele when no one is looking.

Ever since then, however, figuring out this kid's name has been quite a quest. Really, at this point, you could base an entire Indiana Jones movie around it. This latest hint just proves there's enough material for Harrison Ford to work with here: Indiana Jones & The Unnamed Adele Baby, coming to a theater near you in summer 2014, with a theme song also sung by Adele, probably.

Of course, with her son's name still uncorroborated we don't want to jump to conclusions. After all, there are multiple other meanings to discern from this cryptic ink, so grab your magnifying glass, celeb sleuths. Here's a comprehensive list of everything that "A" could stand for:

— Well, there's "A" for "Adele" (because A-duh)

— Her last name, "Adkins"

— The hypothesized baby name "Angelo"

— All those much-deserved "Awards"/"All the Awards"

— Which leads to subcategories: "Another Grammy" (which she won last night), "Academy Awards" (which she'll probably win for her Skyfall theme), and "Awesome Acceptance speech" (which she always gives)—if this is, in fact, the case, Adele will be covered in "A"s by the end of this year

—"Attitude," the kind of tongue-in-cheek attitude that hints at her baby's name with nothing more than a tattoo

—"Amazing," because she's "Adele" and she is

"A"nyway, the possibilities are endless.