Adele Earns $50,000 A Day!

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Adele Earns $50,000 A Day!
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Adele must have a bad back by now… When she’s not lugging around armfuls of Grammy Awards, she’s apparently hauling bags of cash.

Yes, the UK singer that brought you the Golden Globe-winning theme song “Skyfall” is a straight up baller. According to a new report, the songstress rakes in over $50,000 a day.

The UK’s Sun is the source of the numbers. In their report, they claim that Adele makes £41,000 a day. For you ‘Merican speakers out there, with the current exchange rate, that’s a solid $54,940... 

As “Parks and Rec” character Tom Haverford might put it, Adele is FLUSHED with CaAAAASH!

Anyway, back to the numbers… The singer-songwriter’s company Melted Stone, Ltd. is reportedly banking nearly $14 million, with an added $6 million in due royalties and payments.

In 2012 alone, Adele reportedly took in over $32 million... pegs the singer at an estimated value of $45 million.

In addition to her swanky $11 million home in West Sussex, Adele is said to be renting out Sir Paul McCartney’s $63,000-a-month Los Angeles pad (did we say she was a baller yet?) as she preps for her Oscar performance. 

She will take her award-winning “Skyfall” to the stage on February 24.