Adele's Boyfriend Planning to Propose

February 28, 2012 By:
Adele's Boyfriend Planning to Propose

It looks like Adele found “Someone Like You” and by “you” and I mean her stupid ex boyfriend.

Adele has been dating 36-year-old divorcee Simon Konecki for like two months and Konecki is already planning on proposing.

Doesn’t she think that’s a little fast? Adele, here’s some advice from someone whose never been married: Put on any “Adele” album, pop open some pink wine, watch a carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream melt and really decide if this is what you want? And if you do, then write 12 songs about it and call the album “23.” Got it? Great.

A source told Heat magazine, that Konecki is planning to propose sometime in early May, just around Adele’s 24th birthday.

“After Simon divorced, he never imagined that he’d find love like this again and be so happy,” says the source.

The couple is ready to jump into marriage, because apparently they are crazy about each other. Like, super crazy. Like, saying I love you after one week of dating. Hey, when you know, you know.

“He told her he loved her after just a week and now they say it 10 times a day,” says the source, “Simon knows he wants to propose and hopes to do it on her birthday, which falls on a holiday weekend in May. He wants to take her abroad and do it properly – it now all depends on her schedule.”

Oh also, they’ve moved in together, which is pretty convenient that Adele has a giant mansion and no-one to live in it with her.

“They’ve been living together,” says the source, “Adele has even picked out a room for his five-year-old daughter to use when she stays. They love their normal life at home with her dogs.”