Adele Tells Kelly Clarkson Not to Have Kids

November 13, 2013 By:
Adele Tells Kelly Clarkson Not to Have Kids
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Adele and Kelly Clarkson. Two of music’s most powerful voices came together for a little girly time and a chitchat. What did they talk about? Did they harmonize? Did they polish their Grammys?

No, they talked babies! Of course they did…and apparently Adele isn’t promoting the baby business.

Kelly told Us Weekly that Adele told her, “Girl, don’t have a baby ‘cause everything else will go on the back burner. I’m living in babyland!”

Babyland? That sounds cute!

Of course, this conversation took place at the 2013 Grammys and since then we’ve all heard about Kelly’s obsession with wanting NAY NEEDING to procreate.

“My eggs aren’t getting young!” Kelly lamented.

That being said, Kelly’s probably pregnant already. She basically confirmed it to Jay Leno.