Adele Is Having A Baby In Two Months?

July 10, 2012 By:
Adele Is Having A Baby In Two Months?

Adele announced she was pregnant last month, effectively breaking the Internet. Actually, no, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce announcement broke the Internet and then while we were all running around shouting “Save Suri” and firmly cementing our “It was never going to last” speculation, Adele used the Holmes-Cruise chaos as the perfect moment to announce she was pregnant!

Well, prepare to have your mind blown (again!) because Adele might actually be seven months pregnant! As in, Adele is going to pop out a baby in September.

Just to put this into perspective…that means that Adele got knocked up in January, which is also when her and boyfriend Simon Konecki first got together. I’m trying to emphasize that if I'm doing the math correctly, Adele may have conceived her child the first month she met her now fiancé.

Adele Announces Pregnancy

A source told that “Adele has barely left the house in recent months, so she could keep this to herself for as long as possible.”

Apparently, the signs all point towards Adele’s pregnant belly.

She didn’t fly to the U.S. for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in May even though she took home 12 awards. She also appeared at the Ivor Novello Awards in London in May in a very loose fitting tunic dress and just to put things into perspective, nobody wears tunics. Nobody.

Also at that Ivor Novello Awards, Adele ditched the media even though she usually poses for photos and talks with the press freely.

“She stopped exercising a few months ago, and since then it’s been all about the baby,” adds the source.

Next up for the couple, they are reportedly engaged to be married although we have yet to confirm the engagement. Simon also has a five-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Clary Fisher.