Adele is Back in the Game

December 21, 2011 By:
Adele is Back in the Game

Adele tweeted a photo of herself wearing her signature beehive hairdo for the first time in months... so you know what that means!!!! Adele is back! Because Adele's beehive is synonymous with weepy music about bad break-ups, Adele's hair in any other style means nothing to me. I'm sorry Adele, what were you saying? I can't hear anything until you get those curlers out of your hair and tease the sh-t out of it. Sincerely, your fans.

After canceling nearly all her tour dates for 2011 because of throat surgery to remove a benign polyp on her vocal chords, Adele has been resting and essentially out of commission for several months.

She finally tweeted this photo of herself, with her beehive looking excellent, her signature make-up done up and wrote this message, "Back on the grind. Hair and make up did. Merry Christmas! Axx"

Adele is finally back in the game. Earlier this month she tweeted, "I'm in bed, watchin Gladiator, eating an apple" and then she tweeted a photo of herself posing next to an ad for Beyonce's fragrance.

While these tweets are fun, or whatever, it does nothing for me and my need to see Adele perform her music live, or better yet, now that Adele is better, she needs to meet someone new, break up with him and then write a new album about how sad it made her feel. If she can get all this done before Valentines Day, I would greatly appreciate it.

In other news, Adele is reportedly going to cover Voque's March issue for the first time. Speculation arose when the mag started asking designers for clothing in her size. This is big news, as only the best of the best in the music industry get asked to cover Vogue.