Adele: If I Ever See My Dad Again, 'I Will Spit In His Face'

February 16, 2012 By:
Adele: If I Ever See My Dad Again, 'I Will Spit In His Face'

Uh oh...I sense another album...

Adele might be done being a “bitter witch” (she said it, not me), but there is one sore subject in her life: her relationship with her father.

The singer’s dad, Mark Evans, left her and her mom Penny when Adele was just three. In the past ten years, he’s had hardly anything to do with his daughter. Recently, they were trying to make amends, but apparently, he f-cked it up.

“I was ready to start trying to have a relationship with him. He’s f-cking blown it. He will never hear from me again. Because there is nothing that would upset me more than my dad being bribed by the press,” the singer said.

She continued: “It makes me angry! To come back after 10 years and be like, ‘Maybe her problem with men comes down to me.’ It’s like, F-ck off! How dare you comment on my life? It makes my blood boil. It makes my family feel awkward, it makes my friends feel awkward around me, it makes me act awkward, it makes me sad … It blows my mind. ‘I love her so much?’ Really? Why are you telling me that through a newspaper? If I ever see him I will spit in his face.”

Is it just me, or does this sound like the makings of a great song?
Adele says she has no need for her father in her life because she gets enough love from her mom.

“She’s the calmest person, really strong and clever and beautiful … She is one of five and everyone’s got kids and all the kids have started having kids. Mum’s side is massive. All brilliant. Dominated by women and all really helping each other out, so even though she brought me up on her own, it was kind of a team effort.”