Adele Fined By UK Government

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Adele Fined By UK Government
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Adele is in trouble with the UK police because she didn’t register her baby with the government. That sounded so much like the plot for a bad post-apocalypto sci-fi flick. Let me explain. 

Apparently Adele had 42 days after the birth of her son to register his birth.

I think they are referring to “applying for a birth certificate” but I’m loving how this report makes it sound like she purchased a car and forgot to get register it at the DMV. It's a baby, not a thing!

So now Adele is facing a £1,000 fine ($1,606 USD) for escaping from the hospital with her little one. By the way, we have no idea what her son’s name is still.

According to the UK government’s website, “all births must be registered within 42 days of the child being born” and filed with other information like date of birth, parents names, sex, address, and parent’s jobs.

Also, what does Adele put as her “job?” Multi-platinum recording artist and the envy of the recording industry? Yes, write that down.

A source told The Sun, “Cops are hardly going to be banging on their door tomorrow and it’s probably just an oversight on their part.”

Adele probably just forgot, hopefully there won’t be any baby-snatching happening in her near future.