Adam Sandler: I Would Want To Be A Part Of An All Star SNL Reunion

June 7, 2012 By:
Adam Sandler: I Would Want To Be A Part Of An All Star SNL Reunion

Adam Sandler’s new flick “That’s My Boy” is a laugh-out-loud raunch-fest. Sandler plays a dead beat dad who decides to show up in his son’s (played by Andy Samberg) life after twenty-something years. Hilarity ensues.

The name of the film pretty much sums up this hilarious father-son flick, and with Father’s day around the corner, should you be taking dear old dad to see “That’s My Boy?”

“It depends on your dad. It depends on your relationship” Sandler jokes, warning us before we bring our recently reunited absentee fathers to the flick.

“[The movie] is all about making you laugh. It’s a pretty good time, it’s a party, it’s a party atmosphere. There are definitely psychotic moments that will make you want to vomit but there is also stuff in there that is pretty sweet.”

Sorry, Sandler, you lost me at “want to vomit.”

In real life, Sandler is a great dad. He’s the father to two beautiful little girls and gives us his best parenting advice.

“There are many, but letting the kid drive at 3 or 4 is usually not good,” he jokingly reveals to Hollyscoop at the premiere of “That’s My Boy.”

We love the film because of Sandler and Samberg’s awesome on-screen chemistry, or as Sandler calls him, “he’s like a handsomer version of me.”

Sandler jokingly outs Samberg as a little bit of a stalker, “He knows me pretty damn well, he says stuff to me and I’m like, ‘what’s that?’ and he is like ‘you don’t remember saying that on your album?’ and I’m like ‘no, wow.’ He is pretty cool, he knows me pretty well.”

Both Samberg and Sandler got their start on SNL like so many other brilliant comedians (i.e. Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray etc etc). We had to ask Sandler is any of those heavy-hitters ever considered doing an All-Star reunion episode?

“I would want to be a part of an SNL reunion with all the guys,” Sandler tells us, “I don’t know if you can say that there is an all-star team. Everyone that has been on the show has had their moments, but yeah, that would be fantastic.”