Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen Star in Funny People

February 23, 2009 By:
Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen Star in Funny People

We already know that Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen are funny people. But now they get to showcase their abilities in a new movie called….Funny People!

Adam and Seth star as stand-up comedians who become close after hearing one of them has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Sandler’s character is the more famous of the two, and he ends up asking Rogan’s character for help with writing jokes as he battles his disease, so he doesn’t have to stop working.

So as he prepares himself for death’s door, a funny thing happens, and changes his whole life. To find out, check out the trailer! We think you’ll like this one.

It’s by Judd Apatow, who always brings the laughs, but there are some real touching moments in the film too that make it well balanced. Funny people is out in theaters July31st.