Photo Proof That Adam Levine Is An Actor Now

July 3, 2012 By:
Photo Proof That Adam Levine Is An Actor Now

Adam Levine has made his big screen debut. The singer turned singing competition judge is now an actor and we’ve got photos of him and co-star Keira Knightley in NYC filming their new movie Can A Song Save Your Life.

Levine is donning glasses and a flannel top, a ‘la a grungy Brooklyn-esque singer/songwriter and not the faux pop rocker he is in real life.

The film stars Levine and Knightley as lovers who move to NY to pursue music careers. Knightley is left behind when Levine’s career begins to take off, but things take a turn when Knightley is discovered by a producer (played by Mark Ruffalo) when she is singing in a bar at an open mic night.

Levine and Knightley look like a real cute couple. Too bad Knightley is newly engaged to musician boyfriend James Righton. We all know how Levine has a thing for waify chicks with hipster sensibilities.

Fun Fact: Levine’s co-star on “The Voice,” Cee Lo Green, is also cast in the film playing a successful hip-hop star. So clearly, playing against type.

Adam Levine’s next acting role is appearing on the small screen in an episode of “American Horror Story.” [

Levine’s episode of “American Horror Story” will premiere this fall during Season 2 of the series. He will also return to "The Voice," and this new flick should hit theaters some time next year. 2013 is the year of the Levine.