Adam Levine Says "F-ck You" to MTV VMA's

August 27, 2011 By:
Adam Levine Says

Adam Levine has been super controversial lately. He’s cussing in public! He’s cussing on twitter! Hey Levine, you’re a judge on “The Voice,” you have to be the “voice” of reason. Get it? Because he’s on the show…never mind.

Whether Levine is just bitter he wasn’t nominated for a VMA or he’s actually talking sense, Levine tweeted, “The VMAs [are the] one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music. I’m drawing a line in the sand. F—k you, VMAs.”

Don’t be jealous just because “Moves Like Jagger” wasn’t nominated for Best Rock Video, Best Collaboration or Best early 2000’s pop rock star turned reality singing competition judge sellout. The last category doesn’t exist.

Whoever is tweeting on behalf of MTV should be given a raise because they responded back so diplomatically within minutes, “Soooo you’ll be tuning in at 9/8c tomorrow right? (BTW, bonus points if you TwitPic your 2004 Moonman!)”

Bonus points!? What is that? Also nice dig at Maroon 5’s last VMA nod all the way back in 2004.

Levine tweeted back, “Still waiting to have my ‘Jerry Maguire mission statement moment of deep regret,’ Not happening. Phew!” Hahah that’s a movie reference I don’t get and I’m still laughing.

Levine then tweeted again, 7 hours later. “I may be a pop singer. But every once in a while the angsty teenager in me just blurts out some raw honesty. It’s a reflex.”

It’s ok Levine, there are some pop stars who are also angsty teens, imagine how hard they must have it!

In terms of whether MTV proves that is still cares about music, the VMA sure turned out to be a real drag. BECAUSE LADY GAGA DRESSED IN DRAG. AT THE VMAS. That’s a drag pun.

In other, Adam-Levine-is-a-h8r news, Levine has spoken out against American Idol, except this one was for a good cause. Levine told Out magazine that he has an issue with American Idol’s portrayal of gay contestants.

“What’s always pi—ed me off about Idol is want to mask that, for that to go unspoken. C’mon. You can’t be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break. You can’t hide basic components of these people’s lives.”

Preach. I always thought that was the weirdest aspect of Idol. Back when American Idol used to make Adam Lambert appear without all that eyeliner it was like they were trying to conceal who Lambert truly was as an artist.

Do you remember Levine being so feisty?