Adam Levine is 'Overexposed' And Knows It

April 25, 2012 By:
Adam Levine is 'Overexposed' And Knows It

After singing Billboard hits, starring on multiple television shows, and showing off his tattooed body all over the media, Adam Levine is tired.

Most famous for his recent role as a host on NBC’s talent-seeking show “The Voice,” Levine has also been seen performing alongside Foster the People and the Beach Boys at the Grammys, guest-starring on the FX show “American Horror Story,” and perfecting his swing on the Golf Channel.

With his face popped up just about anywhere you’re not looking for it, Levin feels that his image is in serious danger of becoming overexposed.

"I feel the potential of overexposure and it's a very real feeling," Levine told Paper Mag.

To address the concern, the spiky-haired icon has decided, not to take a vacation or step out of the spotlight, but to simply name Maroon 5’s new album Overexposed.

“It's better to know about it and make light of it because I don't think we ever want the music to be overshadowed,” said Levine. “You can't get sick of us if we're already sick of ourselves."

Too late, Adam…

What the singer will soon learn is that when you sell out there is no gift receipt, and you cannot fix a problem simply by naming an album after it. Otherwise, you might have seen popular albums with titles like “World Peace,” or “The Shrinking Middle Class” on the charts a long time ago.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money off it!

Overexposed earned Levine and band mates guitarist James Valentine, keyboardist PJ Morton, bassist Mickey Madden and drummer Matt Flynn a spot on the top ten iTunes albums last week.

Levine’s latest project is a collaboration with Glee’s Matthew Morrison on his brand new label “222 Records.”

If you want to be like Adam, just overexpose yourself in his fragrance “222” that is scheduled to arrive in department stores next year.