Adam Levine: I Was Blindsided by Anne V Breakup

April 10, 2012 By:
Adam Levine: I Was Blindsided by Anne V Breakup

Adam Levine might not be the heartbreaker we all thought he was. Oh, everybody thought he was an emotional musician type and not actually a stone cold womanizer like my sources dreams have been telling me? Ok.

Apparently, Adam and Anne had kind of gotten to the point where they thought they might split, but without talking about it, Anne went ahead and released that statement that said that the two had broken up.

Adam found out he was single when the break-up story hit the tabloids! Wow, he and Kris Humphries have A LOT in common. There’s got to be a “blindsided” support group somewhere for famous men.

“It was a cheap shot,” a source tells Us Weekly, of Anne’s decision to break-up with Adam like she did, “Anne didn’t want it to look like he broke up with her.”

Right? Anne can’t look like she got dumped, then she’ll never get Leonardo DiCaprio to date her!

The source says Adam was in LA and Anne was in NY when she broke up with him and that he “was blindsided.”

“Adam’s heartbroken. He wasn’t even fully sure they were really broken up,” adds the source.

Apparently “Anne said he didn’t pay her enough attention.” That and, Anne wanted to get married.

“As a woman, you get to a point where you want to get married,” a friend of the duo said, “Adam wasn’t ready to take that step.”

There are plenty of other fish in the sea, Adam. Heck, just browse a Victoria’s Secret catalog sometime. “I’ll have THAT one.”