Adam Levine: Blonde or Brunette?

May 8, 2014 By:
Adam Levine: Blonde or Brunette?
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Adam Levine and his luscious head of hair have gone through a bit of a transformation recently. It has us wondering how you prefer your slice of Mr. Levine.

Do you like him brunette?

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Or do you like him OMG HE’S BLONDE NOW.

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Will you have your Adam cooked to a crisp?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images


Or sun-dried?

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Or stirred?


Dark and brooding with a little scruff?

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Or peroxide bleached and clean-shaven?



Adam as you’ve always known him?

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Adam as you have never known him?

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We keep going back and forth and have resolved to create a formal council on the matter. Thoughts?