Adam Lambert Wants to Be on Gossip Girl

January 15, 2010 By:
Adam Lambert Wants to Be on Gossip Girl

The TV buzz has been all about Adam Lambert joining the cast of Glee, but the show he really wants to guest star on is Gossip Girl! The former American Idol runner-up is more interested in heading to the Upper East Side than being a part of the Glee club.

He tells
that he has a little crush on a certain cast member, and that’s Chace Crawford. "As long as I can do a scene opposite Chace Crawford, I'd be happy," he says. "I just want a couple moments where I can just look and be like, 'Hmmmm.' Just some eye contact and I'll be really happy."

Adam goes on to say that if he can’t have a romantic scene with Chace, he’s settle for being Blair’s shopping buddy. And Adam isn’t stopping at GG. He says he’d love to appear on another two other hit shows—Weeds and True Blood.

On the Weeds character Adam envisions, he says, "I'd either be very sober and against the lifestyle just to kind of be ironic, or I'd be like a drug dealer or something. I just would want to go to two extremes of things that I would never be. That would be pretty funny."

As far as True Blood, he says, "Maybe this vampire was an underground performer at clubs like Fangtasia and he's part of a new movement of vampire that is in the public eye and isn't afraid to embrace his vampire nature onstage and off. I'm sure anybody that's a fan of 'True Blood' understands the social undercurrent of the show, and it would kind of make a lot of sense."

We could see Lambert on True Blood over any of the other shows! But he’d have to incorporate singing somehow into his storyline.