Adam Lambert Steps Out With Mystery Man

June 2, 2009 By:
Adam Lambert Steps Out With Mystery Man

It’s still a big mystery whether or not American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is gay or not. Yesterday reports surfaced that Adam was planning on coming out in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine. But he may have gone and just outed himself last night!

The cameras followed Adam as he left West Hollywood, CA bar Guys and Dolls with a mystery male. And it definitely looked like the two were more than friends as they left hand in hand.

A source tells Radar, "He was loving all the attention he was getting from the boys, and was inviting so many of them up to have drinks at his table. He was dancing on a couch at one point, hanging with boys in the smoking section, and dirty dancing to Boom Boom Pow with another guy!"

Another source said Adam "seemed to be having the time of his life."

Well, wouldn’t you?? Everyone knows him now! He may not be the Idol winner, but he definitely made an impact on a lot of people. And honestly, does anyone really care about his sexual preference that much anyway?! What do you guys think? Gay or straight?