Adam Lambert Ruins American Idol Finale

May 26, 2010 By:
Adam Lambert Ruins American Idol Finale

Adam Lambert is biting the hand that fed him! He has reportedly pulled out of the American Idol finale last minute, leaving show producers scrambling!

According to, Lambert was lined up to do a performance for the last show of this season, but he failed to show up for show rehearsals. That led to show execs canceling his performance altogether.

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It’s unknown at this point why he was a no-show, but one insider says they weren't sure "if Adam is sick, being a diva, or worse, planning something that he does not want people to see."

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Show heads reportedly tried working with Adam’s people, but in the end, made the decision to cut him from the show altogether.

Sources say the general public will be led to believe Lambert was forced to cancel his performance because he’s sick, but that the real reason is because he refuses to make his performances family friendly enough for Idol.

Talk about a diva! Maybe he didn’t want to share the stage with fellow diva Christina Aguilera, who is also performing tonight! Plus, we hear Janet Jackson is also taking the Idol stage! Jermaine Dupri wrote on his Twitter: “Lifers once again be sure to watch American Idol tonight the QUEEN Icon @JanetJackson will B (cont)”

There goes the possibility of him being the new judge!