Adam Lambert Admits to Drug Use

February 28, 2010 By:
Adam Lambert Admits to Drug Use

American Idol runner up Adam Lambert admits to using drugs and having casual sex with strangers.

In a candid interview with Britain’s News of The World he said, “I went wild and I was experimenting with certain substances,” Lambert said of his teenage years.

“It didn’t get to the stage where it ruined my life or where it was anything too serious but it was definitely something I tried. At 26 I started running with hippies, going to underground events, I was really drawn to that crowd, everyone embraced each other’s differences.

“There are so many parents who are too conservative in America. There are certain drugs out there that are really fun and recreational and can mean a good time. I’m not an advocate for drugs but it is all rock and roll and we are all adults.”

At least he's being honest and he’s clean now. What do you guys think of Adam's candid interview?