Will We Ever Be as Happy as Aaron Paul and His Wife?

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Will We Ever Be as Happy as Aaron Paul and His Wife?
Image By: Getty Images / Jason Merritt

“Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian might be the cutest, happiest, most lovey-dovey couple of all time, which poses the question…will we ever be as happy as Aaron Paul and his wife because these two are THE MOST HAPPY AND OBSESSED-WITH-EACH-OTHER COUPLE EVER!

Aaron refers to his wife as “Pretty Bird,” which is definitely the cutest thing ever.


When his “Pretty Bird” (a.k.a. wife) “provides food for herself” (a.k.a. eats) it “kills” him (a.k.a. makes him happy).


He was on the greatest show in the world, but when they walk the red carpet, Aaron makes it all about his wife! Awww.


They were literally handpicked by the gods to be together!


The poetry he writes for her in these Instagram captions is just…unreal.


He bows down before her. STOPPPP.




All women’s ears poke out when they put their hair behind their ears, AARON! That being said, the fact that YOU notice it when NO ONE else does is the sweetest.


Look at the SHEER joy happening here.


Okay! We GET it! But also, awwwww.


Look at how HAPPY Aaron is!


He’s literally CRAZED by their love.

They are ACTUALLY the most perfect couple of all time and we’re all just going to have to get used to it.


Alright alright, we get it!