What To Watch: Tuesday Edition

November 4, 2008 By:
What To Watch: Tuesday Edition

Election Night Coverage @ 7pm

Today is a day every American can and should be proud. It's an affirmation of one of the Constitution's "blessings of liberty" - the ability of "we the people" to select our leaders in a peaceful, if not always orderly, manner. Katie Couric anchors the coverage on CBS, while Charles Gibson does the same on ABC, Jim Lehrer on PBS, Shepard Smith on FOX and Brian Williams on NBC. On the cable-news nets, Wolf Blitzer acts as ringmaster on CNN, while David Gregory moors MSNBC and Brit Hume mans Fox News.

90210 @ 8pm

Annie and Dixon have opposite reactions to Harry's news about the son he put up for adoption years ago. An angry Annie lets loose at a sleepover that quickly turns into a drunken house party, while Dixon doesn't seem to be affected by the bombshell. Elsewhere, Ryan and Kimberly are caught giving in to their mutual attraction.

Privileged @ 9pm

Kathy Najimy guest stars as Patricia Kingston, a prominent publicist who meets with Sage when the ambitious beauty is determined to get her modeling career going. But Kingston has a surprise for the would-be cover girl. Sage is also busy elsewhere - prying into Megan's personal business. She discovers Megan's notes about a biography of Laurel and sends them to Laurel, who likes the idea. Megan is thrilled - until she learns that Laurel wants a ghostwriter. Ouch

The Shield @ 10pm

Only four episodes to go, and while you know that Vic has four episodes' worth of fight left in him, Ronnie might not now that Claudette has made it her mission to bring Vic down. Will Ronnie cut a deal? Split for Mexico? Do something else? Time will tell, but tonight's focus is on Corinne and Mara. Meanwhile, Vic's Aceveda-Pezuela-ICE juggling act is even tougher now that Beltran is in the mix. Vic can juggle all those balls in his head; on the street is another matter.