Jennie Garth Leaving 90210

January 17, 2010 By:
Jennie Garth Leaving 90210

Kelly Taylor is moving out of the 90210 area code forever! Jennie Garth has decided she does not want to be a part of the new 90210 anymore.

Her husband Peter Facinelli, confirmed the news saying, “She’s just not doing it anymore.”

“It was one of those things where she was supposed to do a couple of episodes, it went a bit longer and now she’s moving on,” her husband told

He added, “She enjoys being a mother, and being at home. She wants to write more and I support her 100 percent. She doesn’t need to work if she doesn’t want to. ”

We're pretty bummed that she won't be a part of the show anymore. We grew up with the old cast so it was nice seeing her on the show.