Dylan To Remain A Deadbeat Dad On 90210

September 18, 2008 By:
Dylan To Remain A Deadbeat Dad On 90210

It's a case of the deadbeat dad on the new 90210. Despite the reveal that Dylan McKay is the father of Kelly's son on Tuesday night's episode, Luke Perry says he will not be appearing on the show.

Instead, Perry will join the cast of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to play a different kind of horrible parent: one suspected of child abuse.

Perry responded to questions about 90210 at a press conference this morning, and didn't seem too happy with the fact that reporters were more interested in the show he's not appearing on, than the one he's going to be on.

Reporter: Now, the most recent 90210 episode had a reference to Dylan, does that mean that we'll see you there soon?
L.P.: They own the name and likeness.

Reporter: That's a yes or no?
L.P.: That would be a no.

Luke does have his reasons for turning down the role that CW producers have reportedly begged him to take. In addition to Law & Order, he'll also be appearing on Criminal Minds this season.