AnnaLynne McCord Addresses 90210 Rumors

October 23, 2008 By:
AnnaLynne McCord Addresses 90210 Rumors

The young stars of 90210 are barely adjusting to life in the limelight and they're spending most of their time addressing rumors.

Hollyscoop caught up with 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord at the Hollywood Life’s 5th Annual Hollywood Style Awards" in Los Angeles to get the scoop on what goes down on set.

In regards to filming the show, AnnaLynne said, "It's acting, we get to dress up and play pretend. It's fun. The hours are long. We got some 4 hours nights that we're sleeping and getting up for another early call."

As far as rumors of tension on set, AnnaLynne says she steers clear of any by spending most of her time alone. "I'm kind of a loner, so I do my work and go to my trailer. I haven’t had anything, it's been super cool."

Speaking of rumors, as a young star it must be difficult reading about yourself in the press. "It's funny. You don’t know before you get into it how funny the rumors can be," she said. "I have my sisters, so they keep me grounded. They're moving out here actually. It can be a lonely little town out here."

"I know the truth, my sisters know the truth and the people who matter. If you meet me you'll know how grounded I am," she added.

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