90210 Star to Come Out of the Closet

July 13, 2010 By:
90210 Star to Come Out of the Closet

90210 fans are in for a shock next season. A cast member is coming out of the closet--in real life!

"Matt Lanter’s recovering rebel Liam, Michael Steger’s smart and tenderhearted Navid, or Trevor Donovan’s tennis pro Teddy—is actually gay," reports EW.

And this isn't just a random rumor. One of the show’s producers is confirming it!

“We want to address the issue in a real and relatable way,” says co-EP Jennie Urman, who says the coming-out plot is but one of several “great story lines” fans can look forward to in season 3.

Hmm...which stud can it be? Michael Steger (Navid) got married last year so that leaves Trevor Donovan (Teddy) and Matt Lanter. Who do you think it is??