One-on-One With 50 Cent

January 20, 2008 By:

Rapper 50 Cent is expanding his empire; the entrepreneur is now taking on movies as his latest venture. We caught up with 50 (Curtis Jackson) at the ‘House of Hype’ house in Park City, Utah where he made the special announcement.

50 and his partner Randall Emmett of Emmett Furla Films and 50 Cent’s manager, Chris Lighty will be creating films from all types of genres. Randall Emmett first teamed up with 50 Cent on ‘Home of the Brave’ and ‘Right to Kill.’ The rapper revealed that he is a movie junkie and has a collection of over 3,000 DVD’s in his home movie theatre.

Although 50 mentioned that he would be primarily focusing on his new project, don’t expect the rapper to quit making beats anytime soon. We sat down with the star to get the inside scoop, check out the video.