50 Cent Slams Alicia Keys

April 20, 2008 By:
50 Cent Slams Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been getting a lot of heat for making negative about rap during an interview with Blender Magazine. She said, "Gangsta rap was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other." She spent an entire week trying to explain herself and the comments saying she was misunderstood, but one person who isn't buying it is rapper 50 CENT.

50 Cent gave Alicia a little piece of his mind. This is what he had to say about the whole situation:

"I don't like Alicia Keys no more though … the same reason why I said that I don't like Oprah Winfrey. I'm prejudice(d). I don't like people who don't like me. If you don't like the content that I write because of my experiences; I am being who I am when I am writing it. I fall into that 'label' as far as you considering artists creating 'Gangsta music,' we fall into that.

If she don't like that, (then) I don't like that classical music shit she be doing. At some point she's playing some shit that don't relate to me. We listen to it and try to figure out why people actually enjoy it. I am trying to enjoy it. That statement changes my perception of Alicia Keys totally. But the magazine is standing behind it, which means they probably have a tape of her in conversation saying it. It's just not really a bright comment anyway."

Who do you side with?