50 Cent Shows Off All His Cash Money

November 4, 2010 By:
50 Cent Shows Off All His Cash Money

50 Cent had nothing better to do today than play with his money.

Nope, he didn’t go on a massive shopping spree or do anything productive. He literally sat at a table and played with it.

Chelsea Handler Opens Up About 50 Cent

Fiddy tweeted pics of himself playing with stacks of hundreds—half a million to be exact. "Holy sh*t bat man I think I'm rich," 50 tweeted.

Chelsea Handler Hooks up With 50 Cent

He added, "Who said I don't have a heart. A half a mill for lunch anyone? lol."

Talk about nouveau riche! We know rappers can’t help but act “new money” all the time, but this is an all-time low. Couldn’t he have just gone out and bought a bunch of new diamond studs and gold chains? How bout a crunk cup?!


In other Fiddy news, he and Chelsea Handler have been spending extra amounts of time together. He was on her show this week, and they also went to lunch together this week in Malibu, and left together in his Rolls Royce.

Chelsea took to her Twitter, “Everyone, calm down. I met with Mr. Cent about a potential project. There's nothing to report yet, I'll let you know if there is.”

We all know what “project” means!