50 Cent: Media Is Obsessed With Me

February 5, 2008 By:
50 Cent: Media Is Obsessed With Me

A big part of being a celebrity is having thick skin. Rapper 50 Cent is all too familiar with the concept. He says he's unfazed by media reports about him, because he's convinced everyone is obsessed with him.

He tells MTV.com, "They are infatuated with me so much. Whether I'm there or not or did it or not, they make it me to make it news. I'm in Croatia sniffing cocaine, did you hear?

"I deal with this so often it doesn't make sense in me responding. The s**t lasts for two days. Why? They put 50 Cent, who's the hottest (artist) in rap (on the cover). Look at it right now: if you owned a publication, who would you put on the cover?"

50 is convinced that publications make up stories about him just to use his name to gain press. If that's how 50 feels, imagine how it feels to be Britney. There's about 15 false stories about her on a daily basis.