50 Cent: I Was a Misunderstood Bully

December 13, 2011 By:
50 Cent: I Was a Misunderstood Bully

Lots of artists and celebrities have jumped on the anti-bullying bandwagon, but few of them admit that they used to be one.

Hollyscoop talked to rapper 50 Cent at the American Giving Awards, where he told us that bullies are often misunderstood.

“I think a lot of the kids that are bullying are not dealing with their emotions properly,” 50 told Hollyscoop. “I’ve participated in that, you know, as a youth.”

He continued that, looking back, he bullied because he had issues in other areas of his life:

“From an adult’s perspective, you can understand that something was happening in a different areas.

50 Cent told us that bullying can often result “if you don’t have anyone around you to help you in different ways.”

“I grew up in a house with nine kids so there’s not a whole lot of individual attention going on. So when you take your frustrations out in different ways it actually hurts the person,” he told Hollyscoop.

“The person who’s [bullying] is hurting worse…if they don’t come to a point where they have an understanding of their actual actions and what’s motivating it.”

Lately more than ever, celebs have backed themselves behind the anti-bullying cause, so it’s nice to get a three-dimensional perspective on the matter. Hollyscoop talked to Demi Lovato, who has been vocal about her issues with bullying growing up. Lovato told us:

“One of my main causes is bullying prevention. It’s a sensitive project to me that I feel I can help bring awareness to young teens and things like that. Hopefully save lives and make a difference in schools all around the world.”

Lovato continued: “I actually left school when i was 12 years old; I started home-schooling. It was too much for me dealing with the cattiness of the clickie girls and things like that… I think its really important to be spreading the word about bullying prevention.”

Two and a Half Men Star Angus T. Jones would agree. He told Hollyscoop:

“It’s a super important thing because like in America today it seems almost like ok just to be a bully. It’s like kind of like ingrained, just like, you can be mean to someone who’s different, which is not cool."

And Jane Lynch has a pretty simple idea on the subject of bullying. Lynch told Hollyscoop:

“I just think you need to stop your kids from beating other kids up.”