50 Cent Defends Baby Mama Drama

April 11, 2008 By:
50 Cent Defends Baby Mama Drama

50 Cent made headlines last week when he evicted his baby mama from the house she was living in, which happened to be owned by 50. Basically, he got a lot of heat for evicting her because she was living in the house with his son.

The judge ruled that Shaniqua Tompkins (baby mama) must move out of the mansion by the end of the school year.

50 fans were upset because they thought Shaniqua was the woman who was by his side and nursed him after he was shot, because that’s what he portrayed in the film, Get Rich or Die Tryin.

He says, "That's a movie. I tried to paint a more positive outlook on her. She's not my shorty on the side. I haven't dealt with her since 2003. She worked for three months in 2001. She ain't had a job, she ain't done nothing. I was giving her $500,000 a year. She thinks she's entitled to 17 percent, because these chicks she be having around her telling (her all this). I was giving her $25,000 a month, now she wants $50,000."

50 is basically saying that she’s a gold digger and he’s just not having it anymore.