50 Cent: America Not Ready for Obama

February 6, 2008 By:
50 Cent: America Not Ready for Obama

Everyone from Oprah to Will Smith to Robert DeNiro are backing Democratic hopeful Obama for the 2008 elections but rapper 50 Cent has decided to support his rival Hillary Clinton instead.

50 told MTV that he doesn't think America is ready for an African-American leader so he's going to back Clinton instead, mostly because, "I think they might kill him (Obama)."

Clinton won at home in New York as well as in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arizona and Arkansas, where she was first lady for more than a decade. She also won the caucuses in American Samoa.

Obama won Connecticut, Georgia, Alabama, Delaware, Utah and his home state of Illinois. He prevailed in caucuses in North Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Idaho, Alaska and Colorado. His also had victory in Missouri.

Which candidate is getting your vote for the elections?