Taxi Crashes Into 30 Rock Set

November 21, 2008 By:
Taxi Crashes Into 30 Rock Set

There was a near disaster on the set of 30 Rock on Wednesday when a taxi collided into the show’s set! Luckily there were only minor injuries, but a nine year old child had to dive out of the way to avoid being hit.

We’ve heard of crazy New York cab drivers, but not on the set of a TV show! Even if it does take place in Rockefeller Center. Page Six reports: "The street was very narrow and there was nowhere for anyone to run, so we all just stood and watched in disbelief as it hurtled down the street and smashed into another car."

Tina Fey was there when it happened, and forced the young boy to dive out of the way to avoid the taxi. A spokesperson for NBC Universal confirms: "Some actors were grazed by one of the cars involved. They were examined at a local hospital and released."

We’re glad everyone is ok!