30 Rock: Greenzo

November 9, 2007 By:
30 Rock: Greenzo

A few years back, Al Gore hosted SNL and he was so funny that people were talking for days about how they wished he'd done it before the election. Although his cameo in 30 Rock was brief, he managed to get in a hilarious sound bite: "Quiet! Oil is in trouble. I have to go." Don't you think the award for Best Incorporation of Green Week into a Show should go to this episode?

David Scwimmer appears as an earth-friendly mascot named Greenzo who refuses to be a corporate puppet and takes matters into his own giant Mickey Mouse hands. Jack fires him, but he shows up to a scheduled appearance anyway, drunk and covered in trash (compost?) He and Jack engage in some fisticuffs that end with a model of the Earth with a cartoon face catching on fire and Tina Fey announcing to the Today Show crew, "This Earth is now ruined! We gotta get a new one!"

Tiny Fey and her writers pay more attention to detail than that killer on CSI who paints miniatures. Every little thing becomes a joke that leads to a larger joke that builds until you are laughing that laugh where you can't feel your face. When Tina finds a pop tart of mysterious origin under her sofa and eats it, we laugh, but when we later find out that the pop tart is part of some freaky-deaky sex-play between Pete and his ex-wife, how great was that?

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