30 Rock: Cougars and the Boys Who Date Them

November 30, 2007 By:
30 Rock: Cougars and the Boys Who Date Them

"I'm going to an all-animal strip club. You in,
Lemon?" Guess who said that?

When Tracy hits a police horse (with his car, not his fist), he's forced to pull an Emilio Estevez and coach a youth sports team. The baseball team he fronts is a ragtag bunch of urchins who dream of growing up to "get shot by a cop and sue" or be "a talkative doorman
with a drinking problem." Tracy understands where they're coming from but it's not until Jack intervenes with Grizz and Dotcom (posing as giant Dominican 13 year-olds) that the team really comes together to win.

I'm sure you were just as disappointed as I was when things didn't work out between Liz and the coffee boy, Jamie--a young man so supple, so effortlessly hot that he made Frank gay. Oh Liz, will you ever find a companion that isn't edible?