24:Tony Almeida back from the Dead!?!

October 25, 2007 By:
24:Tony Almeida back from the Dead!?!

Watching the Season 7 trailer for the ubiquitous, and in recent years repetitive "Hour of Bauer", a couple things, of course, stick out.

No, the entire trailer isn't Jack stuck in an LA traffic jam while he's on a 3 way call with the President, Secretary of Defense, and head of CTU having them beam over uber-top secret files about a black ops mission in Argentina from 15 years ago, that of course is somehow connected with the Nuclear Bomb threat that is happening in LA... again!

No no... We notice that Jack is on trial for torture, a hot button issue in the 24 world as well as the real world. One can't help but speculate if this is a way for the producers of the show to answer its critics who have been hard on 24, and the character Jack Bauer in particular, for using, implementing, and putting a justifiable face on torture in certain instances, since the show's inception in 2001.

BUT... for the fans, the true surprise came when we learn that an old familiar face has returned.

The former head of CTU Los Angeles, and close confidant of Jack Bauer who we believed to have been killed by Robocop, eerrr.. Christopher Henderson during Season 5, is back. Yes kids, Tony Almeida, evidently faked his own death.

But wait there's more!

Not only is Tony back, it turns out he's the bad guy! Wtf!?!

It would seem that since the tragic murder of his wife, in Season 5, along with the constant baggage that comes with a high level national security post, and all the heat he took from CTU and its hierarchical system of red tape, Tony is pissed off!

And since Tony has history of working with Jack, he knows Jack's game pretty well, right?

So, can Jack stop him? Psh... is that even a question worth answering?