24 Movie Gets the Greenlight

March 29, 2010 By:
24 Movie Gets the Greenlight

Jack Bauer will live on to save the world! 24 may be ending, but it’s not the last time we’ll see our favorite action star. It’s being reported that 24 is being turned into a movie.

According to the New Hollywood Reporter, the show’s producer Howard Gordon has given the film script the go ahead. It’ll be written by the same screenwriter who did State of Play and Shattered Glass, and could be out as soon "as early as next year, depending on how things come together,” said Gordon.

And the film is trying something completely different from the show by taking out the “real time” aspect. Gordon says over the years, that’s what has made the show so predictable.

"We've done everything we feel we can do with that character in this format," Gordon said. "The opportunity [of a movie] is not to use the real-time aspect and also to do it on a scale the TV show never allowed."

The only other thing we know about the flick is that it will not be a prequel. So that means Jack will likely live through the rest of this final season. But did we expect any less?! It’s Jack Bauer!