Movie Review: "21"

April 2, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

A cliche-filled disaster of a film! An adaptation, loosely based on a
wonderful book entitled "Bringing Down The House" the film "21" fails
to mesmerize, or even, compare to the literary work of its predecessor.
Corny, lowbrow dialogue, unconvincing acting, and multiple Hollywood
additions to the story, ruin the films chances from the start.

Director Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde, Win a Date with Ted Hamilton!)
returns to the big screen with his latest film "21." The story follows
Ben Campbell, (Jim Sturgess, Across the Universe) a numbers whiz kid
from MIT who is doing all he can to make it into Harvard Med. His
grades are perfect, his recommendations are written, and his head is on
the right track, however, the main concern Ben is faced with is, how he
is going to come up with the money for tuition. One day in class, Ben
catches the eye of his professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey, Oscar winner
for The Usual Suspects and American Beauty) who immediately recruits
Ben into a group of equally talented students in which he mentors. As
Ben shows up to the first meeting, he realizes this group of genius'
are counting cards, and preparing themselves to change the odds in
blackjack to their favor instead of the casinos. Hesitant at first, Ben
decides not to join, however, the money factor and a love interest,
Jill Taylor (Kate Bosworth, Superman Returns, Blue Crush) who is also
in the group, sways Ben's decision. With their amazing ability to keep
track of the numbers of the cards, the group makes their way out to
Vegas to test this skill they possess. If this card-counting thing
works out the way they had imagined it, these kids, along with their
professor, can potentially win millions and millions of dollars from
the casino. But, that is only if they can keep a low profile and stay
under the surveillance of pit boss Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne,
Boyz n the Hood, Matrix, Mystic River).

Such a wonderful idea, such a wonderful story, and such a wonderful
book, all combined to make a below average film... How does that make
sense? Who is to blame for the disappointment of this movie? What went
wrong? There are so many questions I can ask, because I am genuinely
puzzled. I was psyched going into this movie. Maybe I just hyped it up
too much for myself, and ultimately was discouraged. From now on, I
believe any film that is going to take place in Sin City (Vegas) should
-and must- have the MPAA rating of R. I am so sick and tired of this
PG-13 rating to help sell movie tickets crap. Laurence Fishburne was
not the same Fishburne I remember, however, Kevin Spacey has still got

Pat the Movie Critic gives "21" ---- 2 Scoops.